When we decided to change our lives, we were conscious that this was going to be difficult.

The fist handicap for me is the language, I have to study every day to improve my English. I´m trying hard because if I want to get a job in the future, this is crucial.


Infographic from Yann Le Meur

One of the ways to get specific vocabulary is reading sport articles like the one below, very interesting for Ironman athletes. I encourage you to read it.

Variables that influence Ironman triathlon performance – what changed in the last 35 years?



Getting out from your comfort zone is not easy for anybody. Many people, here in Tyler know this very well. They or their relatives came from Mexico, other countries or other States in the USA and they are being very helpful with us. We really appreciate it.

Everyday I think about inmigrantes of a lot of countries, they have had to change their lives to run away from a bad situation in their home countries or cities.


Obviously, our situation here it is not comparable to theirs, but thinking of them encourages me to keep trying hard everyday. I really want to get the better version of myself out of this experience.

Kind regards



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